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Cork Tannin Astringency – it could be a bigger problem than TCA?


procork 257 b 10cm.jpg

A finest quality cork showing signs of structural collapse after having its tannin extracted by wine for 15 years

and a solution of 10% alcohol in distilled water after it has been in contact with cork for 2 weeks.

ProCork’s membrane technology is the only answer!

Cork tannin varies from cork to cork thus creating a lucky dip (or unlucky dip) for the wine drinker. 

Recent commentary is now suggesting that cork tannin could interfere with the taste buds and negatively alter wine drinkers’ ability to taste the true wine flavour. This is strangely reminiscent of the more insidious effects of TCA. 




Procork 55.jpeg

How much does the cork effect the wine?

A very interesting tasting

Jean-Marc Quarin, a well known, independent and influential wine critic in Bordeaux tasted the same Chablis 1er cru Fourchaume 2018 which was bottled with two different micro-granulated technical corks. One had more longevity, regularity and respected the winemakers vision … read more here

Ballandean Estate Winery - Four Generations
Exploring High Altitude Wine and Ancient Granite Soils in Australia

Using ProCork to Protect

Their Unique Expressions of Terroir

procork 112.jpg

Dylan Rhymer winning Gold Medals

“For the last 18 years we have been using ProCork …. Our views are based on our own experiences with our own wines… we try these wines blind to decide which we prefer…… It's about choice. It’s about us making what we feel to be the right choice for the wine… The choice to present our premium red wine range in its best condition…. also to give a wine that will evolve into something even more special over time... We like the evolution of our wines….. We like the way they complex, the way the tannins and acid smooth out. The way our fruit and oak marry together for a rich, savoury wine…. Yes, it would be easy to throw everything under screwcap... they're cheap. About 1/3 of the price of the ProCork we presently use…..but …. we’ve done our trial work.”

Dylan Rhymer

Read more here......

Protect Terroir Characters with ProCork’s

Optimum Oxygen Transmission Technology

ProCork Newsletter March 2020

ProCork’s optimum oxygen transmission technology protects wine’s distinctive natural terroir characters while excessive aerobic conditions in your usual natural and technical corks create bland and general wine flavors.

We explain how here...

procork 104.jpg
procork 97 12cm.jpg
Oxygen Transfer Technology for your Natural Cork
ProCork Newsletter February 2020

Cork is a natural product that elevates the spirit and can be perfection in a bottle.

Its the classic wine closure and requires care and precision when bottling your wines.

Here are some handy tips for when you use it.

procork 80 12cm.jpg
The Oxygen Link - Makes or Breaks the Wine
ProCork Newsletter January 2020


SENSENET’s correlation of OTR, tasting observations and molecular analysis provide evidence of the Oxygen link that makes or breaks the wine due to chemical oxidation and microbial activity in the bottle.

procork 71.png
procork 59 small.jpg
They said it couldn't be done
ProCork Newsletter December 2019


Which do you choose?

Two bottles of the same wine. Choose the one that has the optimum oxygen ingress of course!

But they say it can't be measured .. well

Procork 56.jpg
Pete Bissell Australian Wine Maker of the Year 2018 - ProCork OTR membrane
ProCork Newsletter November 2019


“We've been under ProCork since 2005 and are still happy with what were seeing" ...

Procork 55.jpeg
Procork 55.jpeg
Extra Wine Critic Points for ProCork Wine and Chemical Proof as to Why?
ProCork Newsletter October 2019


Three extra wine critic points for an effortless but smart decision. We give the chemical proof as to why?

ProCork in the News
What do I Taste - Wine or Cork?
Article by Jean-Marc Quarin September 2019


Three extra wine critic points for an effortless but smart decision. Read about this Bordeaux 2009 getting extra points when it used ProCork!

Laboratory Testing ProCork OTR and Inertness - Bordeaux 2009 Vintage with and without ProCork
Laboratory Testing September 2019


From Sensenet scientists - "wine oxidation chemical markers acetaldehyde, acetic acid and ethyl acetate we showed that the Procork wine contains lower concentrations ...
We can assume the Procork membrane applied on the cork impacts cork porosity and oxygen supply to the wine."

procork 45.jpg


procork 46.jpg
August 2019 Newsletter


There is a Major Shift Happening Right Now

It’s “The Big Issue”

Are You Future Protected?

Balnaves pete bissell.jpg
July 2019 Newsletter


Congratulations to long term ProCork user Pete Bissell on his Winemaker of the Year Award 2018

French Fragrance Experts test the inertness of the ProCork semi-crystalline membrane. Here is what they found.

procork 8.jpg
procork bordeaux tv7.png
April 2019 Newsletter


ProCork Protects Wine From Oxidation


Seventeen year old Semillon from independent AWRI closure trial started in 2002. ProCork on the left compared to normal cork on the right.

It is amazing what a thin nearly invisible properly designed membrane can do.


February 2019 Newsletter


On Bordeaux TV

ProCork technology and its product is growing a list of customers and interest.


Procork 4.jpg

November 2018 Newsletter


What in this photo was the cause of more TCA contamination complaints in Australia in 2016 than cork in previous years?



April 2018 Newsletter



The Importance of Filling Level and Filling Temperature

January 2018 Newsletter


Wine from Nature - 

A key credential of premium wine is its “from nature” claim. With that claim comes a broader responsibility to the environment as a whole. The use of ProCork products by premium wine producers provides the opportunity to promote their eco-friendly image while still protecting the quality of the wine.



September 2017 Newsletter


Profile of ProCork's newest Distributor, T&C Margo

Harvest 2017

Reducing oxidized characters using ProCork's Selective Membrane



July 2017 Newsletter


Profile of ProCork user Gorka Egiguren of Bodegas Burgo Viejo

Micro corks - Blocking cork tannins and glue taint with ProCork's selective membrane



April 2017 Newsletter


Profile of ProCork user Richard Serisier

Oxygen Transmission Rate, OTR, and its effects on Fruit Flavours



January 2017 Newsletter


Profile of ProCork user Phillip Jones

Oxygen Transmission Rate, OTR, how to control variability



September 2016 Newsletter


Profile of ProCork user Gerard Boulay

Sensory versus TCA testing

Is there an optimum OTR and how to obtain it

Cork harvest 2016

Drinks Business

Sally Easton


An in depth review of the oxygen transmission rate of corks and screw caps



Anthony Madigan


Profile on ProCork user Pete Bissell

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