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August 2019


The newsletter from ProCork

ProCork products protect wine from oxidation, taints and glue contact.


There is a Major Shift Happening Right Now

 It’s “The Big Issue”

Are You Future Protected?


Everyone who drinks wine knows intuitively that wine is on a journey to a flat and oxidized state. It can be a slow journey that passes through many exciting and exceptional highs. That is what wine is all about, it’s a natural process that wins customers and critical acclaim!

Unfortunately, it can also be a fast journey that is dull, boring and only passes through lows. That is not what wine lovers want.

There is a murmur that is growing louder and louder from winemakers protesting corks that allow oxygen to pass too quickly. The oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of one cork can take you to heaven while the OTR of the cork beside it makes the winemaking look dull and boring.

procork 46.jpg

Above are four bottles of Semillon 2001 after 17 years

in proper storage using quality natural cork.


While the problem seemed unsolvable nobody talked about it. Even the leading technical corks of today, while being consistent, do not replicate the OTR of the best traditional natural corks. But now some leading winemakers are using natural and technical corks with OTR technology and the murmur is beginning to get louder.

It’s called ProCork and it’s an evolutionary event you need to keep up to date with.

procork 45.jpg

Above are four bottles of Semillon 2001 (from the same bottling as above) after 17 years in proper storage using quality natural cork with the ProCork OTR technology.



Since its inception in 2001, more and more evidence has been emerging of ProCork’s attributes and now older vintages are highlighting its long term benefits. We will be releasing these results over the coming months including the 2009 Bordeaux vintage.


Phillip Jones used ProCork N8 in his Bass Phillip 2010 Reserve Pinot Noir, a legendary wine that was later awarded Wine of the Year in 2014 by James Halliday. Phillip Jones said “ProCork has been faultless for us since we commenced using it for the 2007’s”

procork 47.jpg

Phillip Jones




Pete Bissell uses ProCork N8 in his Balnaves of Coonawarra “The Tally” Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Outstanding on the Langton’s List). Pete was named Winemaker of the Year 2018 by the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology.


Pete Bissell said “If you look at the AWRI Closure Trial it’s the top performing closure….we’ve been under ProCork since 2005 and are still happy with what we are seeing.”

Balnaves pete bissell.jpg

Pete Bissell


Some leading Napa and Sonoma wineries are now using ProCork. You need to keep abreast of this development.


If you want to make sure your prized vintages are future proofed contact ProCork and find out about our introductory offer available for a short time only. 


Contact: Dr Gregor Christie

Ave Santiago 84  

Rio Meao Portugal      




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