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December 2019


The newsletter from ProCork

They said it couldn’t be done!

Well meet OTI …. the on the spot OTR measurement device patented by ProCork.

Two bottles of Chateau Teyssier 2008 …. They look the same.

Which one do you want to open?

The one with the optimum amount of oxygen entering the bottle – of course!

So lets measure it before we choose. “It can’t be done” - they tell us.

Well, we invented an on the spot Oxygen Transfer Instrument (OTI). We open the capsule and put the OTI on the end of the bottle and it measures the oxygen depleting just above the cork. If the oxygen drops very fast it shows the bottle won’t be quite right.

procork 61.png

In the case above one bottle of Chateau Teyssier 2008 showed very little oxygen depletion and the other was fast.

The first bottle has the ProCork natural cork with OTR technology to make sure it has the optimum amount of oxygen entering the bottle to ensure proper aging.

The other was a natural cork that just happened naturally to have an OTR faster than desired.

Some natural corks fall into the optimum OTR zone and some don’t.

It’s impossible to know if it will or won’t unless you bottle it and do this test.

ProCork on the other hand has a membrane to regulate the oxygen transfer so the range of OTR in the corks is dramatically tightened.

procork 59 small.jpg

The validation work is being done at Sensenet (see here) and will continue.


The Chemical analysis on the two bottles shown above will be reported in a later newsletter so stay tuned.


Contact: Dr Gregor Christie

Ave Santiago 84  

Rio Meao Portugal      




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