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Newsletter January 2023

Skin Tannin, Seed Tannin, Stalk Tannin, Oak Tannin




 That Is In the Text Book, Right?

procork 257 b 10cm.jpg

A finest quality cork showing signs of structural collapse after having its tannin extracted by wine for 15 years

and a solution of 10% alcohol and 4g/l tartaric acid in distilled water after it has been in contact with cork for 2 weeks.

Cork tannin has always been left out of the text books but that is a mistake because it is very variable from cork to cork and more evidence is emerging that tannin can dominate and negatively alter the other flavours in the wine.


In 2017 researchers Frost, Harbertson and Heymann at the Universities of California, Davis and Washington State reported “Tannin concentration showed the greatest impact on taste and mouthfeel, significantly increasing sourness, bitterness, astringent texture, drying, and overall astringency” and their data “demonstrates the dominance of astringency over multiple red wine taste factors”.


In 2020 Bordeaux wine critic Jean-Marc Quarin identified in a comparative tasting that tannin had “halted the progression of the sensations in the mouth” and the tannin was later identified by Sensenet to be cork tannin from a super-critically cleaned cork.


Cork Tannin and can undo the work of the winemaker trying to control tannin from the other sources and that’s why it should be in the text books.


ProCork’s crystalline polymer technology can stop cork tannin interfering with wine flavour while still allowing the wine to naturally breathe as it has always needed to.


Scott C. Frost (a), James F. Harbertson (b), Hildegarde Heymann (a) , A full factorial study on the effect of tannins, acidity, and ethanol on the temporal perception of taste and mouthfeel in red wine, Food Quality and Preference, Volume 62, December 2017, P1-7, (a) Department of Viticulture & Enology, University of California, Davis, (b) School of Food Science, Viticulture and Enology Program, Washington State University



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