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July 2019


The newsletter from ProCork

ProCork products protect wine from oxidation, taints and glue contact.


ProCork’s Inert Oxygen Selective Membrane

Put To The Test

Fifteen Sensory Experts







Winemaker of the Year 2018

Balnaves pete bissell.jpg

We would like to congratulate long term ProCork user, Pete Bissell (Balnaves Coonawarra), on his Award, Winemaker of the Year 2018, from the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology. Well done and well deserved!

The Test by the Sensenet Fragarance Experts


In May this year we challenged fifteen expert sensory testers to see if they could find any taste or odour coming from the inert ProCork membrane in a blind trial. The results showed that none of the experts could detect with certainty any odour or flavour thus confirming the inertness of the semi-crystalline membrane.


The trial was conducted by Sensenet at its laboratory in Cesson Sevigne in France. Sensenet has 30 years of experience in olfactory measurement stemming from the perfume fragrance industry. Two synthetic wine samples were prepared. One had the ProCork membrane immersed in it for 3 days the other did not. The sensory experts were presented with three samples in a triangle test where two samples were the same and one was different. They were asked to identify the different sample and state if they were certain, they had an inkling or if it was a guess. Random selection would give 33% correct answers. Only two testers out of fifteen found the correct wine twice but in both cases the testers stated it was a guess.


The detailed report can be read here


Contact: Dr Gregor Christie

Ave Santiago 84  

Rio Meao Portugal      




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