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April 2019


The newsletter from ProCork

ProCork Protects Wine From Oxidation


Seventeen year old Semillon from independent AWRI closure trial started in 2002.

ProCork* on the left compared to normal cork on the right.







procork 7.jpg

It is amazing what a thin nearly invisible properly designed membrane can do.

*In 2002 the company producing ProCork was named Procel.


Seventeen years ago AWRI conducted an independent closure trial which included natural corks coated with the ProCork 5 five layered membrane designed to control OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) and block taints. Last month some cartons of the trial wine were found at the back of a cellar carefully stored in laydown packs. Inside were four natural cork bottles and 12 ProCork bottles.


The visual results are a dramatic demonstration of the oxygen control provided by the 5 layer ProCork membrane, showing improved OTR more suitable for wine and significantly improved consistency compared to natural cork.

procork 8.jpg
procork 9.jpg

Do you want to trial ProCork yourself?


Contact: Dr Gregor Christie

Ave Santiago 84  

Rio Meao Portugal      




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