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January 2020


The newsletter from ProCork

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The Oxygen link

Oxygen can make or break your wine as it evolves over time in the bottle

That is why it is so important that there is a tight range of cork OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) in keeping the evolution optimal and consistent.

Our patented “on the spot” OTR measurement device has provided the Oxygen link to help correlate the taste profile of the wine to flavour molecules which are altered by the presence of Oxygen.

Two bottles of Chateau Teyssier 2008. They look the same.


One has ProCork’s OTR technology on the natural cork the other doesn’t.


Which one do you want to open?

We can now show why you want the one with oxygen entering the bottle in the optimum range of OTR.

With ProCork OTR technology the wine had fresher and brighter nose, molasses fruit/oak development, more fruit volume, sweeter palate (Peter Scudamore-Smith MW)

Without ProCork OTR technology excessive Oxygen caused the wine to be “aged, flat, bretty, palate extracted, dried out, past any drinking window” (Peter Scudamore-Smith MW)


SENSENET’s correlation of OTR, tasting observations and molecular analysis provide evidence of the Oxygen link that makes or breaks the wine due to chemical oxidation and microbial activity in the bottle.

SENSENET, an independent perfume sensory laboratory in Paris, measured the OTR on the two bottles using the ProCork Oxygen Transfer Instrument and then opened the bottles and measured the flavour molecules in the wine. 

With ProCork OTR technology the wine had – 1) higher quantities of fusel alcohols giving “sweeter palate” and “more fruit volume” 2) aromatic compounds giving “molasses fruit/oak development” and “aged fruit/tannin complexity” 3) lower quantities of aldehydes giving “fresher and brighter nose”

Without Procork OTR technology the wine had - sulphur and amine compounds giving “Brett” or mousiness character probably produced by lactic bacteria activity in the bottle.


The detailed validation done at Sensenet can be read here 



Contact: Dr Gregor Christie

Ave Santiago 84                 

Rio Meao Portugal    

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