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June 2020

The newsletter from ProCork

ProCork products protect wine from oxidation, taints and glue contact.


Why You Should use ProCork’s Natural and Technical Corks

Independent Evidence

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Seventeen Years in the Cellar

Natural Cork with ProCork Membrane (left)                    Natural Cork without (right)

Wine bottled with the Procork membrane can score higher with wine critics

Wine critics rate the ProCork wine higher in blind comparative tastings …. see evidence here and here. So will consumers. The reasons are a logical combination of the scientifically proven facts below.


Wine bottled with the ProCork shows better consistency

Scientific sensory testing and long term (17 years) visual oxidation assessment found near perfect consistency with ProCork.


Compounds extracted from the cork effect wine in random and usually bad ways.

Think TCA, glue, drying hard tannins and the list goes on. No amount of super cleaning can completely get rid of tannin from cork so put your wine in contact with an inert semi-crystalline barrier and keep your wine the way you made it.


The ProCork semi-crystalline membrane is inert and does not effect the wine

Rigorous independent scientific testing shows there is no sensory impact from the semi-crystalline membrane and detailed chemical testing could not find any compound from the membrane in the wine after eight years in the bottle.


The ProCork membrane controls the oxygen transmission into the wine

The optimum oxygen transmission provided by the ProCork membrane allows wine to cellar for a long time without oxidizing or reduction. See evidence here and here.

Contact: Dr Gregor Christie


83 Avenida Santiago

Rio Meao Portugal                            email:

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