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ProCork after 17 years - Oxygen Transmission Technology

at work

There is a reason why the makers of the world’s finest wines are reluctant to give up natural cork. Its not just tradition, cork also allows minute amounts of oxygen to enter the bottle, which in turn enables the wine to properly mature and thus allow the winemaker to present their wine in the spirit in which it was made. Unfortunately natural cork is difficult to control. If too much oxygen enters the bottles, the wine oxidises. Also, contaminants from the cork, even as simple as tannin extracted from the cork, can enter the bottle and alter the purity of the wine flavour - giving a dry, short or bitter finish.


The ProCork solution is breathtakingly simple. It employs natural cork but enhances it with a specially developed membrane technology. The result is a cork that actually controls the rate of oxygen entering the bottle and is inert so nothing can contaminate the wine. This allows the wine to elegantly soften and integrate the grape and oak tannins.


Procork is a perfect combination of tradition and technology. When you see a ProCork come out of the bottle, you can have confidence that the utmost care has been taken to produce and protect the wine. ProCork - for lovers of quality wines. It solves the problems of random oxidation, cork taint and cork tannins while allowing the wine to age naturally.


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